• Weddings at 9DR

    Hi, here are the photos I have of weddings connected to the people of 9DR; of course they're only a few, but I'm hoping that if some of you have other ones, you might send them to me and we can enrich the collection! Remember: no material later than 1988. The logical first is this 1933 pic of Grandpa and Ethel:

    Weddings at 9DR 

    Then there's Mary's in 1957:

    Weddings at 9DR Cath's in 1958:

    Weddings at 9DRI don't have a picture of Jo's great day: only AB's:

    Weddings at 9DRWe jump to 1981, Monica and Tony:

    Weddings at 9DRAnd then I have a picture of my wedding (I'm putting that of the party which took place at Grandma's, see here):

    Weddings at 9DRNow I realize that stopping the blog in 1988 means that the majority of cousins' weddings will be left out... But there are other ones for which I have no information, such as the 1945 ceremony which introduced Grandma in the family. Does someone have some pictures of the event?

    Any addition greatly appreciated!

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