• Were there toilets in the park?

    Well, it's been a time! But a recent exchange on the FB page called Winchmore Hill and Palmers Green Memories has suggested me to write this post about toilets at 9DR...Not that I hadn't mentioned the subject before... See here and here. There's even a discussion somewhere about the smell oh of the toilets recaptured at our home, perhaps because we have a toilet top made of wood which reminds one's nostrils of the old wooden top of the upstairs toilet at 9DR. Anyway, the FB group was mentioning the toilets in Broomfield Park, and many simply couldn't remember them. Some said the picture showing them wasn't taken in Broomfield, and others said yes, it was indeed in the Park, at the bottom of the playground area! Here's the picture that triggered the buzz (thanks Hils Davis) :


    It's perhaps the unusual angle at which the photo was taken which puzzled some members of the group. I remember these toilets vividly, and even their weird unused interior. So when Jo described them, along with the anecdote she adds to confirm their existence, it really made me laugh:

    I can confirm they were there. We were told never to use them because they were not very clean. One day my sister was desperate so we crept in only to find a rough looking man exposing himself. We just ran!! But we didn’t know much about such things and never told anyone!

    (then I asked her what about that desperate need? And she answered that they rushed home, and that she doesn't remember anything else! ^^)

    At 9DR, the upstairs toilets was so high that I remember my feet dangling from it when sitting there, and the cold inhospitality of the place because it didn't have any heating. I think I still preferred it to the one downstairs though, because that one was close to the kitchen and more conspicable - you couldn't stay there and read, for example! People in the busy kitchen would know you weren't being as well-employed as they were. And also the flush wouldn't work so well in the downstairs toilet.  Those of you reading this probably also remember with a sort of dread the outside toilet at 7DR. I didn't use it often, because of the awful feeling of somewhere cold, damp and reserved to older people whose practises I didn't know. Strange how all of this is still vividly there.

    Do you have toilet memories of 9DR? (strange question I know...!)

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