• Grandma / Auntie

    This is a page with photos of Auntie, or Grandma as I used to call her: any other ones are welcome!

    I don't have a picture of her wedding with Cecil: does someone have one? All I have is this (click on photo to enlarge):

    Grandma / Auntie

    where one can read that they got married in the district of Edmonton in the summer of 1946.

    Grandma / Auntie

    1950 I like her smile on this picture!

    Grandma / Auntie

    1957 Mary's wedding

    Grandma and Helene, 1960

    1960 With Tini, and here's the back of Grandma's own copy of this photo:

    Grandma / Auntie

    Grandma in the garden

    Grandma with children 1961

    1961 or early 1962

    Grandma / Auntie

    1966 hosting the family for tea

    Grandma / Auntie

    With Mark, Carol and Janet in 1968

    Grandma at the Phillips' 1971

    1971 with Noël and me

    Auntie and Monsieur Père, Carol and Janet 1966

    With Carol and Janet, 1972


    With Mark, 1973

    Grandma / Auntie

    1981 At Monica's wedding

    Grandma 1982

    1982 With Auntie Olive and the cats (Sammy and Pirate!)

    Grandma / Auntie

    1984 At Jo's

    Grandma 1985

    At our wedding party in 1985


    Same occasion

    Grandma / Auntie

    1985? With AB, the girls, Gus (Jane's first) and Carol's first.

    You can check : Grandma anecdotes  and there's also Grandma's recordings!