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    Hello to all,

    This blog's purpose is to celebrate the time when n°9 Derwent Road (and of course n°7 as well) still belonged to the family, and post photos, letters, testimonies, etc. to help us remember how it used to be!

    On the left menu, there's a list of articles with material sent to me since the blog started (last ones on top), and you can access the pages, devoted to specific aspects of 9 Derwent Road (people mainly). The link LIST OF ALL THE ARTICLES opens on all the clickable posts!

    So you're more than welcome to send me any stuff you'd like me to post. Here's the address: yves.1000ou(at)gmail.com. Thanks!



    1959: the four generations.

    PS: please be reminded that no photos or documents will be posted when dated after 1988. Any material can be removed on request.