• Erminia Morganti (Nana)

    Erminia Morgante

    Erminia Olivia Morganti was known to us as "Nana". She was the mother of Olive (born Olivia Maria), Maude and Cecil and stayed at 7DR until her death in January 1963. She was one of the ten children of our Italian ancestor, Carlo Morganti, and she was born in 1880. Her mother was Jane Mooney, an Irish lady born in Cork, who married Carlo in 1867. Check here for more info about the Italian connection!

    29/10/2014. Jo's addition: She and Auntie Olive lived at No 7, which they bought when Miss Yunnie and her mother moved to a smaller house in Dawlish Avenue, Palmers Green.

    Erminia Morgante (Nana)

    Trouble is, I have no information as to who she was, what she liked or disliked, her opinions, what her life had been, what views she had on anything! I think I remember mum telling us she was rather authoritative, but that is all. If some readers have other information , they are more than welcome!

    Erminia Morgante (Nana)