• Washing at 9DR

    Time for a fun post: Washing!

    At 9DR, like in all other houses of the world, there was a big amount of washing going about. The Aunties washed... a lot! So here's a selection of washing pictures and stuff - nice and clean!


    In case you hadn't followed, this blog has already dealt with washing issues: there was recently a discussion about Auntie Olive's special stack of soap (here), she also taught me a particular way to wash my hands (also here) and I mentioned the Aunties' compulsive need to wash up as soon there was enough to do so, that is to say, as soon as people started eating. I think one day they managed to finish the washing up before we had ended our meal! Today Frédérique tells me I have inherited their dreadful tidying up technique before people have actually left the table, not quite as bad as washing up the food which hasn't yet been eaten, but not far!


    Washing has to be taught young otherwise bad habits in the technique can develop later on in life. You can see on the picture above the natural taste which empowers girls, and the scowling face of the boy when looking at the washing device...


    You can see above that Mummy comes to defend her boy, who was shocked by the possibility that washing might have to be done by him too. In her arms he is safe and can rise above such contingencies.


    See? Left on her own the girl exults: the washing need not be shared with grumpy boys!


    Boys and girls can always share other occasions, can't they?


    Washing is a democratic invention which has been carried down the centuries, but some people have taken advantage of it.


    Here you can see how washing has crossed over the limits of homes and extended to many other people and animals. The line wasn't toed any more! I for one vote for this trespassing to be terminated, and to remember that in 9DR there was such a thing as a washing line:


    I've already got one voter on my side!

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