• Plan of the house

    Hello, I have tried to draw the plan of 9DR from memory:  there are probably some wrong dimensions and missing elements: don't hesitate to comment and tell me! This is the downstairs:

    Plan of the house

    Plan of the house

    And here's a description of how it used to be upon entering the house:

    "I remember the bizarre, long low pram, a brass and clear glass hall lampshade that produced a dim light and odd shadows in the evening. A hall stand with umbrellas and walking sticks. The white door to the front room on the left. The stairs to the first floor that turned 90 degrees, with the carpet runner and the solid handrail and balusters. Was there a rail on the left as well, or was that just 7 DR? And then there was the long walk up the hallway to the kitchen with the weird black door handle, And finally, and the sight of Grandpa's mysterious office door with glass windows and net curtain far, far in the distance at the back of the house. I could probably sneeze that far now."

    And below is the plan of a similar house which was for sale in Derwent road recently - it shows the proportions better than I did, I think!

    Plan of the house

    Here's a testimony about the smell of the entrance carpet by Noël:

    "When I was a student at Caen university in the 1980's, I would often go to the Arts library to revise my exams. But sometimes, I would go just for one particular thing. That wasn't the books, nor the silence that was to be kept by the students sitting at their tables. No. it was the carpet at the entrance. I remember it was red and thick, but there was something very special about it that took months for me to identify. Why would I like to go there ? Well, one fine winter day, I found out what it was. The smell of the carpet was exactly the same as 9DR's in the hallway. So every time I would go to the library, I would have the impression that Grandma would come from behind a book shelf or something. I often thought I had been a victim of my memories or my nostalgia, but I once said it to Paco, who had also spent some time at that same university,  and he told me he had had the same feeling about it."

    Noël, june 26, 2014.

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    Helene Pavey
    Wednesday 11st September 2013 at 23:38

    Remember the sound of the door bell? And pressing it? Auntie Olive had a wind up one (green?)

    Thursday 12nd September 2013 at 18:28

    Yes and I remember that Auntie used to entrust us with a key to the front door, in the later years, and I can still feel the soft introduction of that key in the lock, turning it, and the weight of the door upon being open!

    noel millou
    Monday 4th November 2013 at 21:05

    where did the other girls sleep?

    Monday 4th November 2013 at 21:44

    Good question... There was of course the upstairs Back room (AB and Jo?) and then Grandma's room (Mary?). Any help, anyone?

    Wednesday 6th November 2013 at 22:57


    Well, I guessed right! Here's AB's answer on that one:

    "The bedroom above the kitchen was Mary’s room; the front bedroom was the parents’ room. Cath’s was above the end of the ‘drawing room/back room and the back bedroom was where Jo and I slept"

    She adds some information about the changes undergone by the house since it was sold: Cath's room is now gone!

    "Cath’s room doesn’t exist anymore in the old house as the loft was extended long after the house was sold. It is now the turning point for the stairs going up to the loft – now a pretty large set of rooms."

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