• Palmers Green tales

    I've stumbled on this series of talks of people being interviewed about their youth in Palmers Green (check the website Palmers Green tales and their FB page), and even though there aren't any references about our family (I haven't listened to everything), those familiar with the area after WW2 onwards will certainly find lots to reminisce about. Thanks to the brave people who have undertaken this project! I've allowed myself to link a few of the interviews, but the mass is to be found on their site. Here's Norman, to begin with:

    And here's Jacques, who arrived from France in Palmers Green in 1966, having arrived to the UK after the war in 1949: He shot some films in his new home (I had already put them up on the blog: see here)

    Then there's Betty, who's reminiscing about her youth, among other things has precise memories at Hazelwood Lane School:

    Here's Osborne road which Betty speaks about at the beginning of her talk, in 1910:

    Palmers Green tales












    And here's a Morris Cowley:

    Palmers Green tales

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