• New old pictures of the family

    Hello, I have recently recieved a number of old photos of the family, as yet unknown to me, and so here they are, in (a hopeful) chronological order. I will also place them where they will enrich the pages devoted to individual people like Grandpa, the 4 sisters, etc.

    New old pictures of the family

    This certainly looks like Cecil and Ethel's wedding which took place in the spring of 1933, see picture below (click on photo and scroll down to Cecil):

    New old pictures of the family

    On this photo I think Cecil's faint resemblance to Charlie Chaplin can be seen.

    New old pictures of the family

    Back to the family with this all feminine pose!

    New old pictures of the family

    1936: on this photo there are (sitting) Harriet Ann Lewis, Ethel Fletcher's mother, I believe Ethel on her right, who looks slightly diffident, but perhaps it's the sunlight in her eyes, because it seems to play the same trick on her diginified mother! Then on the left of Harriet, a nurse (looking also very severe, Goodness), holding a baby who should be my newborn mother, Cath, because I think I recognize the black shock of hair of the infant in the foreground, belonging to Mary. The latter was supposed to sit on her little stool for the photograph, but something made her turn round at the wrong moment!

    New old pictures of the family

    1938: A nice picture of Auntie Lilian with her sister Ethel's two elder girls. Mum's probably playing at tea parties...

    New old pictures of the family

    1938: Lilian (left) with one of her sisters near Forth Bridge. Which sister though? They were 6 children, and five girls! And here's the back of the photo:

    New old pictures of the family

    What is referred to as "the sisters' luck" is anyone's guess...

    New old pictures of the family

    Early 1940s: Veronica as a baby in the garden: I like the grin!

    New old pictures of the family

    Around 1950: a rare picture of our great-grandma, Erminia (aka Nana), standing with her daughter Olive and two of her son's daughters. This is for me the first time I see Nana standing! I had always pictured her as a half-invalid, surrounded by benevolent children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren! This photo is also a rare snapshot of Auntie Olive when she was not yet "old"! If the date is 1950, then she was "only" 48!

    New old pictures of the family

    1950: a great picture of a Hughes holiday in Cornwall - the story doesn't say whether they sailed on this boat! Here's what AB says about the people in the picture who aren't family:

    Auntie Jean in the straw hat is seated behind her mother. Must have told you that she was a GP (grateful patient!) of Auntie V’s during her midwifery years but sadly was never able to have children. "Uncle" George, the skipper and her husband took the picture. In between Cath and Jo was a relative of theirs with the husband and child and little boy in front there. It was taken at the ‘Bonnie Lad’s’ moorings at Tavistock…I think. "Auntie" Jean was an old patient of Auntie’s when she worked as a midwife before she married my father. My own mother had been a patient of hers too as a matter of fact….. Uncle George was A. Jean’s husband old. We went down to Cornwall on holiday as a family once or twice and once when it was just Mary and I who went. I did see them again in the ‘70’s. Lovely people. No family of their own in the end though. I have no idea in what capacity Auntie helped them except as a midwife on the ward, but they stayed in touch as did many of her patients. Auntie V must have been a wonderful nurse to keep so many patients as firm friends over the years. I’ll ask Mary if she knows where the ‘Bonnie Lad’ was moored. Could be Looe but I’ll let you know. The lady in front of Auntie Jean in the straw hat was her mother in the smaller hat. No relation to us though. The young family were relatives I think but not ours.

    New old pictures of the family

    Is this picture of Mary and David before their wedding (sept 1957)? After? 1957? 1958? Those who remember could tell me!

    New old pictures of the family

    1965 a fun picture of Cath, Olive and the three elder Millous in a familiar relationship!

    New old pictures of the family

    Grandma stretching her legs on the porch with Mark, Carol and Janet (1968) There's also the shadow of the photographer!

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  • Comments

    Jean Millou
    Saturday 31st August 2013 at 21:31

    Excellent !!! Where do these pictures come from?

    I don't know anything about auntie Lilian... 

    Qu'est-ce que c'est émouvant. Did she have children ?

    Sunday 1st September 2013 at 20:28

    Salut Babou,

    Auntie Lilian était une des soeurs de notre "vraie" grand-mère Ethel, notre grande-tante, donc, mais je ne sais pas si elle a eu des enfants. Je ne connais pas grand chose d'elle non plus. Je vais demander à Bonky! (Ces images viennent d'elle, de Bonky, justement)

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