• Monsieur Père paraphernalia

    Here are the photos of a number of things which either belonged to Monsieur Père, which he had made, or which he used.

    Monsieur Père paraphernalia

    Monsieur Père paraphernalia

    A padded box for knitting needles which was made by MP.

    Monsieur Père paraphernalia

    One of the two scales of this kind which I believe existed at 9DR; this one was for letters (It's at Noel's), and the other one (visible on this photo) would have been fitted with an aluminium saucer to weigh food for Grandpa's meal quantities.

    Monsieur Père paraphernalia

    A kind of small table which Monsieur Père had made when at Bonnebosq, and which we kept ever since. Noel reinforced it with a secondary plank.

    Monsieur Père paraphernalia

    I can actually still visualize the large spool of sellotape which was contained in this unusual box.

    Monsieur Père paraphernalia

    There used to be dozens of these tobacco boxes downstairs in the cellar, in which Monsieur Père put his pins, nails, nuts and bolts and what have you. What's nice is that this one still displays its label! Does somebody know where MP had found these boxes? He didn't smoke at any time, did he? (No he didn't, check Jo's Xmas account here)

    May 11th 2014: the most recent addition to this little collection, Grandpa's workbag, which Janet kindly photographed for the blog:

    Monsieur Père paraphernalia

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    Helene Pavey
    Monday 30th September 2013 at 23:06

    Maybe he had a smoking friend.

    Monday 30th September 2013 at 23:59

    Who knows? Or he managed to collect them from somebody who didn't know what to do with them? He might also have got them at a jumble sale?

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