• Little treasures from Auntie Olive's house

    Hi, Hélène has recently sent me a number of pictures of objects which had belonged to Auntie Olive, no value whatsoever (like her zip collection!), but I call them treasures all the same because they remind us of the times when n°7 DR was still full of them. What a nice house Auntie Olive had! Upon entering it, I remember feeling the difference with n°9; it had a quiet, a scent, a cleanliness which Grandma's house didn't have in the same way. There were uninhabited rooms, which was as if they were forbidden (or forgotten), and which perhaps because they were kept shut, were quite cool in the summer, something which added to their mystery. I especially liked her front room, and the superb chime of its mantelpiece clock: I never saw this room used by anyone, yet it was immaculate and I felt I had to tread very carefully after I had pushed the door open!

    Little treasures from Auntie Olive's house

    This cupboard used to be in a small room on the first floor, just next to Auntie Olive's bedroom.

    Little treasures from Auntie Olive's house

    Hélène doesn't remember whether this little box was inside the cupboard, or in the downstairs dresser, but I had never seen it myself! Click on the picture for a close-up (the ballerine's pretty face)! And what do you think it contained?

    Little treasures from Auntie Olive's house

    Perhaps these embroidered designs were meant to be sewed on tablecloths or such linen elements. Tini thinks they were bought already embroidered, which saved time when making tablecloths. Does somebody still have such a tablecloth, perhaps with similar patterns, which could have originated from the same lot?

    Little treasures from Auntie Olive's house

    Finally, here's a pic of one of Auntie Olive's scissors! Do some of you remember her using them?

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