• Grandma's trinkets 1

    I thought it might be fun to put together the few photos I have of Grandma's trinkets as seen on her kitchen dresser and mantelpieces:

    Grandma's trinketsOn this photo of Carol and Janet, which I have often shown, in front of the sash on the left there's the old telephone (886 0382, this is Grandma, who are you?), then Grandpa's scales to weigh his food so that he didn't have too much sugar; then behind, between the girls, we can spot the watermark press. Here's an example of the pressed address below:

    Grandma's trinketsNext to the press, further on the right, I suppose it's Grandpa's covered typewriter. Hanging from a hook, on the right of the main clock (and Tini's drawing discussed here), there's Grandma's (or was it Grandpa's?) wristwatch; and I think on the left of the clock, we can see Grandma's timer, which I loved to wind up and make it ring for nothing (she didn't like me to do that!). Below the wristwatch, there's an hourglass, and isn't that long instrument hanging above the sash a sort of cooking thermometer? I think she'd use that for checking the heat of the water when making preserves. And at a later period, perhaps, among all the cups and saucers you might have spotted this!

    Grandma's trinkets

    Above in this picture of Hélène's birthday, in Grandma's frontroom, we can spot part of the purple string-drawing (does somebody know who did it? - May 19th 2014: Answer: Carol! see here in the comments section) which she must have marvelled at (I mean, enough to have pinned it on her wall), a small statue of the Virgin Mary, and this picture:

    Grandma's trinkets

    Grandma's trinkets

    Upstairs in "Cath's bedroom" (as it was called) - here a picture of Cath back in 1985, just after she'd been made ready by Bonky for my wedding-party - there was another little mantelpiece, and on it, we can recognize a little eathen dog, with a broken left ear. On the right of the statue (Saint Joseph? I'm not sure), there's a sort of earth flower composition that I don't remember. God knows where they all are now - if someone still has them!

    Grandma's trinkets

    And finally, here's the mantelpiece of Grandma's front-room with her collection of 8 blue glass-horses, and in the middle, I think there was a very thin statue of Our Lady (just under the cross). On the right pillar, I believe there was a conch. Then the white statue of Jesus showing his Sacred Heart, and all around some photos and pictures. The one on the left looks like a reproduction of Durham Cathedral, because I know she used to go there for some reason; but the other photos I don't recognize (perhaps Jo's children on the right? and some of Mary's lot on the left?). Any help, anyone?

     Who's got the toast rack? This might just as well be the only photo we have of it.

    Grandma's trinkets 1

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    carol phillips
    Saturday 24th May 2014 at 00:10

    The picture on the left of the statue of 2 children is Mark and me. I was lying across Mark's legs. I was a few months old I think. Auntie Olive had one too in her front room. The pic on the right I recall is some of the Wright's girls when they were small.

    carol phillips
    Saturday 24th May 2014 at 00:31

    Up the top here with Janet and I having tea.....I distinctly remember having my photo taken especially to show off that I had drunk all my tea - not a drop left to spill!  I was just checking Janet' s cup!!  Tea was to die for at Auntie Gammon' s  and Auntie Olive's !

    Saturday 24th May 2014 at 11:14

    Thanks Carol, you were the help I was expecting! I remember that picture of you and Mark now! Mark had a wide grin on it, as if he was ecstatic he now had a sister! And it's nice you can actually recall that top photo being taken. Who took it? Is the doll on the table the same as on this photo?

    carol phillips
    Sunday 25th May 2014 at 22:24

    I would say so. I think there was only one black doll as I remember and I wad fascinated by it because it seemed unusual, but I wad not a dolly fan anyway!

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