• Grandma's recordings

    Grandma's recordings 

    Here are the recordings of Grandma I said I would post - we've had some Internet worries lately (some *bumpkin* smashed into a telephone pole down the road!) and I couldn't post - now it's mended. These recordings are thanks to Noël's amazing patience and perseverance, so hurray to him!! He noticed that the tapes had two tracks, and by listening to the 2nd tracks, unearthed the treasures you'll be privy to in the weeks to come. Anyway, what with getting hold of an operational tape-recorder (they're getting rather rare, I had to ask a colleague at work and taking it to Noël's), playing all these tapes (18, I think, with some lasting several hours), sampling which ones were worth keeping, making sure no noise was heard in the house while they were being recorded, then uploading them on Wetransfer, where I downloaded them, renamed them for this blog, transformed them into mp3 format and trimming them the right size (Eklablog, for all its practicality, accepts only this format, and no more than 10 MO per sample)... all this work was really worth it!

    While listening to these extracts (the second one is only the continuation of the first), where Grandma expounds on the superiority of Mary over Eve, one cannot but be struck by the choice of the subject: I thought it was quite fitting that she had undertaken to speak about Our Lady, and I recognized her deep faith in her dealing with this feminine dimension of the Christian doctrine. No doubt there had been other subjects, but this one seems really adapted to have her speak about it!

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    Wednesday 18th December 2013 at 19:01

    It's quite fantastic to hear her voice again. Were these recordings made on reel-to-reel tapes or compact cassettes and do we know when they were done? Are we hearing an altogether younger Auntie than ourmemories recall?

    Wednesday 18th December 2013 at 19:32

    Yes the recordings were from on reel to reel tapes, but when they were done is anyone's guess. I think I know she had joined the CEG (Catholic Evidence Guild) - her trips to Westminster Cathedral - only after Grandpa's death, which was in 1973, but surely her public interventions could not have happened until later, when she felt sufficiently recognized and confident to speak in public. She died in 1986, but her voice is rather clear, so I'd say this sort of recording would date back to the early 1980s.

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