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    I hope AB won't mind me celebrating her accomplishments! Here are some recordings which are part of the treasure trove which Noël has brought to light (how do we say for what you can hear?): some English songs, some Latin songs (probably for mass). All of us would certainly need her to tell us in which circumstances they were recorded, and which purpose they had: I believe Grandpa is the piano-player, because he regularly takes part in the singing (especially the Latin songs), but why were the recordings made? And when? Well, anyway, here's a selection (there's more, but so much that it would be too much!):

    The following one is sung by Jo, says AB in the note below.

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    Friday 3rd January 2014 at 18:38

    And I wonder whose is the additional voice providing harmony in track 3? Or maybe it was double tracked.

    Friday 3rd January 2014 at 19:54

    It was Jo and I singing the song "Daffodils" - a poem by Wordsworth in the 3rd recording.  I've still got the sheet music. The plain chant was probably Cath Jo and I singing. Daddy loved his plain chant with the musical accompanient that he arranged himself. The recording would have been performed in the back room, in the early 60's when Cath was at 9 Derwent for the 2 years when Charles was on Military service. The song Daddy and I were singing was from a mock Chinese Operatta called Choo Chin Chow. We sang all the songs in it together many times and from several others of that era......(.nothing ever current) - there was always an excuse to have a sing-song in the evenings.

    Saturday 4th January 2014 at 20:27

    Wonderful, thanks AB for the information!

    Sunday 11st May 2014 at 17:48

    How lovely! I've never heard these before. It's certainly, surely not the opera stuff we used to cringe about as kids. Just lovely.

    Thursday 15th May 2014 at 21:37

    Glad you liked the recordings. Actually I think it was Jo that sang the short recording No 4 on the list. "Because God made thee mine"

    Monday 19th May 2014 at 15:17
    Okay. Well I think the singing is beautiful. How old were you do you think when you made the recording s?
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